Question About What Would Cause A Manual Transmission To Not Go Into 1st Gear


My Is My AX15 Popping Out Of 1st

Asked on Jul 2, 2010 I have a 92 jeep wrangler with an AX15 5 speed manual transmission. The transmission was giving me numerous problems including popping out of 1st gear. I bought a rebuilt transmission and everything works fine except it is STILL popping out of 1st gear (one of ... Read more

Gear Has Problems Shifting Into 1st From Neutral

Asked on May 22, 2010 Hello, I just purchased a new 2010 Mazda3 Manual Transmission and I've noticed that sometimes when I am in Neutral and try to put the shifter into 1st gear, it gets stuck in between and I have to go back to Neutral and try again before ... Read more

Dealership Transmission Flush, Now Wont Shift Into 5th Griiiiinding Occasionally

Asked on Jul 4, 2010 05 Nissan 350Z Performance Model 6 speed Manual transmission 29,000 miles / no previous transmission problems After dealer recomended 29K mile transmission flush shifting is not the same. 50% of the time when i shift at approximately 4K rpm into 5th gear i get that lovely grinding sound ... Read more

Manual Vs Auto W/ Manual Gear Selection

Asked on May 4, 2010 I'm planning to buy the new 2009 Mazda RX-8 R3 pretty soon. I was wonder whether I should get the Manual or the Automatic. I want to get the Manual, simply for the thrill of a manual over an auto. But on it says that ... Read more

Dont Understand How I Fixed The Synchronizers In My Manual Transmission

Asked on Apr 23, 2010 So, I have a 5 speed transmission in my front wheel drive car. The synchronizers were not working right and for the last 10k miles, they grind often while going into 2nd and 3rd gear. This car always gets driven very easily. They other day I ... Read more

1994 Honda Accord 5speed Manual Transmission Has Locked Up And Wont Go Into Gear What Could Be The Problem

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