Question About What Temperature Should A Chevy V8 Run


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Why Does My Temperature Gauge Move Up After My Car Is Off.

I have a 2000 chevy s10. i just put a new alternator and battery in it. when i turn the truck off the temperature gauge goes to 0. i take the key out, sit for a minute and watch. then the gauge will jump up to ... Read more

How Do You Know Your Thermostat And Water Pump Are Going Out In Your Car

What are the warning signs that they are going out? My temperature is spiking and then going down and not regulating the temperature. The coolant in my reservoir was low so I added more. I checked it when I got home (about 15 ... Read more

Temperature Shots Up After Ignition On 1998 Accord Lx

The temperature gauge shots up after turning the ignition. Is that the oil temperature or coolent temperature? If so, which sensor or thermostat do I need to change? The instrument cluster was switched out twice and it still shot up after starting the engine. So I doubt it's not the ... Read more

What Would Cause High Coolant Temperature When I Restart The Car After Only A Few Minutes

My '98 Audi A4 maintains coolant temperature well--the thermostat was replaced a few months ago. Oil temperature is also good. However, if I restart within a few minutes on a warm day, the coolant temperature nearly pegs high. It comes down to normal ... Read more

1990 Chevy G20 Dayvan Temperature Gauge Fluctuation.

My van temperature gauge rose, but did not quite go into the red. The water pump sprang a leak so I renewed it. At the same time I renewed the thermostat the air intake manifold gaskets the EGR gasket and the Distributor gasket and drive belt. ... Read more

I Have A Ninja 500. It Is Not Possible To Touch The Engine Still The Meter Shows A Low Temperature, How

In a city drive, 30 mins side by side with a friend on his suzuki GSR600 in 2nd & 4rd gear, with a speed of 25 to 30 kms/hr, his digital temperature meter shows 75 to 76 degrees, still mine pointer doesn't even reach the start ... Read more