Question About What Sound Does A Car Make When Tire Rods Go Bad


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Does This Sound Like A Broken Tire Rod

I was responding to a Cardiac Arrest in my private vehicle this morning in snow, and I over-estimated my car, and I slid and hit a curb. Once I got out of the car to look at it, the passenger side wheel was completely bent inwards, and ... Read more

Question About Car Exhaust, Setting And Sound

Ok so i've installed flowmasters on my new mustang, it doesnt quite have the sound i was looking for.. i dont want it "louder" so to speak, cos its pretty loud, im looking to get that throaty, muscle car sound. currently i have 3" pipes, and ... Read more

I Have A Grinding Noise Coming From My Right Front Tire.

It only occurs when I'm driving and has a tendency to happen when I'm slowing down. At higher speeds, there's a sound from the tire that reminds me of a mass of birds chirping. All from this tire. Thought it was the wheel ... Read more

What Is The Rod Connected To Back Tires Of 96 Saturn

Okay i am really lost here, i thought the small rod connected to the back tire of my 96 saturn was a tie rod . someone told me tie rods are only in the front. Well whatever this "rod" looking thing is, is bent badly ... Read more

1993 New Yorker, Locking Hubcaps

Okay so my car has these lock thing on the hubcaps so they can't be stolen and I don't have a key for it---I inherted the car from my Granny when she passed away, well i blew a tire and my Dad had to pry of ... Read more

How to Make a Car Sound Like a Tuner Car

I have a 2000 chevy malibu and I was wondering if putting a supercharger and cherry bomb exhaust system would make it sound like a tuner car. high pitched with the crackling sound if u know what I mean. I dont know but if anyone has ... Read more

Nissan 240sx Front Tension Bars

What exactly are these and what are they're function? Mine need to be replaced so I went to my local parts store and they tried to sell me both sets of the inner and outer tie rods! Arent the front tension rods and the tie rods ... Read more