Question About What Makes A Car Jerk At Stop Light


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I Have A 92 Honda Accord

It ran hot 4 months and i replaced the thermostat, distributor, tps, batt, water pump, and alternator, and belts......i was driving and 1st my radio went out and cut back on then it went out a second time thats when my tech reads 0 then the ... Read more

I Have A 2005 Yamaha FZ6 With

21,000 miles on it and it runs great but every once in awhile whenever I stop at a stop light or something with the clutch in it idles really rough and sometimes dies. It doesnt do this very often but when it does it makes me ... Read more

My Car Stopped ….while Pulling Up At A Light

First my car started to jerk a little while driving. After it does that as soon as i hit a light or stop sign my car shuts off. I can start start my car again right away but i have to speed off other wise it ... Read more

Does Anyone Know Anything About Automatic Transmission Problems

My car just started doing something funny in slower stop/start traffic -- it jumps forward, as though I just shifted gears (except that it's an automatic transmission and, of course, I didn't shift). It reminds me of when my dad used to drive us around in ... Read more

What Is The Purpose For That White Painted Bar Across The Street At Stop Signs And Lights.

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Anyone Want To Troubleshoot What’s Wrong With My Clutch/transmission

For starters, my car is a manual 1997 mustang GT.. it has roughly 125,000 miles on it and no clutch work has ever been done on it to my knowledge. Alright so I want to take my car into the shop because I think there's something wrong ... Read more

What Is The Difference With A Timing Belt And Timing Chain

Can you adjust a timing chain on an 2000 altima. if your timing is off and you have a chain how do you fix it. if you get it fixed, is it likely to go off mechanic messed with the distributor cap and said he ... Read more