Question About What Is The Plastic Piece On The Bottom Of My Car Called


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What Is The Black Plastic Piece Called That Goes Underneath The Bumper Not The Grille

Http:// In case you're unclear as to what I'm referencing, look at the link above. I'm talking about the black plastic piece below the bumper. Mine is busted and I'm trying to buy a new one. My mechanic called it an air dam, but ... Read more

Whats That Plastic Thing Under The Radiator Called Its Not The Air Dam Or Deflector.

Its the other plastic thingy connected to the "air dam" that probably does the same purpose of protecting the radiator or the bottom of the engine block. my friend said its called a 'shroud' or 'shield' but i cant seem to find parts on the internet ... Read more

Can Someone Tell Me This Car Part Is Called

The very small plastic piece that is the cable to the shift lever in a manual 2007 Saturn Vue. It is broken, the gear loose and is only now just go up and down. What is this song called and can we buy it or we ... Read more

The Plastic Thing Covering My Speedometer Is Broken How Can I Fix It

The plastic cover, which is the speedometer in MY 2001 Civic cracked. . Is there any way I can just buy that piece of plastic? if so, where? or I'll have to replace the entire cluster? ... Read more

Connecting Rod That Bolts Around The Crankpin Is Called The

The detachable bottom part of a two-piece connecting rod that bolts around the crankpin is called the A. ring land. B. wrist pin. C. rod journal. D. connecting rod cap ... Read more

What Is An Oil Cooler In A VW New Beetle

My 1998 Bug is leaking oil, bad. and my next door neighbor took it apart kindof and says that it's leaking from this big black box that holds the oil filter. I guess the "Oil Filter Housing" but I don't know what the official name is. It's all ... Read more

What Is This Shifter Part Called

We have a 98 Saturn SL1, we just purchased outright from a private seller, anywho, its a manual transmission and at the very bottom of the shifter, where it links on to a little arm part, the two pieces (the ball on the shifter knob, and ... Read more