Question About What Happens When Your Rack And Pinion Goes Out


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Manual Rack And Pinion Question

I have a 1993 Honda Civic and I would like to remove all the power-steering components(pump, belts, hoses) and put on a manual rack and pinion. IS THIS POSSIBLE? CAN IT BE DONE? HAVE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW DONE THIS? ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Rack In Pinion On Taurus 99

There is a play in the front wheels, the car vibrates heavily, especialy with the brakes applied. Rotors were replaced. Got even worse. The mechanic said it is rack in pinion and the job will cost me $650.00. Does that sound about right? ... Read more

How Do U Know Your Rack And Pinion Is Bad

I have a '97 Honda Accord and i was told to replace my rack and Pinion. How do i know its actually going bad because as of right now, the car steers fine. Also, what is the Steering gear? I was also asked to replace this ... Read more

I Need To Replace My Rack And Pinion System But Can I Get Larger Rims First.

I need to have my rack and pinion system replaced with new outer tie rods on my front two wheels. But I already purchased new wheels that will require my car to be raised at least an inch with coil spacers. But will I be able ... Read more

Will A Mustang 2 Rack And Pinion Fit In A 61 Ford Ranchero

I have a 61 ranchero with a 5.0 efi engine in it and i was going to put a mustang 2 rack and pinion in it and i got to thinking. i started looking at pictures and it looks like the rack and pinion is mounted ... Read more

Warranty Company Refused Car Repairs. What To Do

One of my good friends purchased a used vehicle with an Extended Warranty called the "Liberty Service Contract" through Eagle Warranty Company. ((A sample of this contract is visible online on their homepage)) Shortly there-after, he had an issue ... Read more

Anyone Successful In Having A Rack And Pinion Repair Done On A 1996 Intrepid

My rack and pinion has come apart three times on my car and now it's in need of a fourth repair. This component on four six cylinder cars produced between 1993-2000 has undergone three manufacturer re-calls. I'm now having major problems with my power ... Read more