Question About What Happens When Your Drive Shaft Center Bearing Goes Bad


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2002 GMC SIERRA Drive Shaft

2002 gmc sierra....Is the center support bearing on the drive shaft the same thing as center carrier bearing on the drive shaft? ... Read more

Ford F150 96 Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Removal From The Shaft

2 piece drive shaft, 3 u-joints and a slip yoke, to pull the carrier bearing assembly off the shaft ... I removed the support bracket, cut off the rubber cushion, but how does the non-rotating part w a flange (bearing shield?) come off the shaft? Is ... Read more

1992 Ford Ranger 4.0 Litre V6 5 Speed Question.

Ok, here's the deal Im trying to save my mom some money by fixing her truck. First thing that went out was the starter, ok easy fix. Then the same time a loud squeaking started coming from the rear end. So I jacked ... Read more

Ford F150 96, How Do I Separate Driveshaft At Carrier Bearing

2 part rear drive shaft w 3 u-joints, carrier bearing on shaft w splines opposite end which goes in to slip yoke w grease fitting. Does the slip yoke just pull apart? Does the shaft pull out so bearing can be changed? I'm changing u-joints and ... Read more

I Have A1999 Chevy Pu That Shakes At Speed Between 25& 35 What Can The Problem Be

I have already replaced u joints and drive shaft center support bearing. ... Read more

How Do I Replace A Driveshave Center Bearing On My 1995 Chevy 2500

I have the horseshoe shaped bearing, the book says to slide it off the shaft, but its stuck. Was wondering if anybody had any ideas. ... Read more