Question About What Happens If You Hook Up A Battery Charger Backwards To Your Car


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When Using An Automatic Car Battery Charger…

When using an automatic car battery charger can you charge it first then bring it out to your car and hook it up or must you have the charger attached to an electric socket as well as to your car battery simulateously? I have absolutley no ... Read more

Can I Hook Up A Car Battery Charger To An Amp To Try It Out

I want to try to hook up my amp to my sub to see if it works cuz my vehicle doesnt have any rca jacks to hook up my amp for inputs i can set the amount of amps coming out of the charger to 2, 10 ... Read more

Charging Car Battery With A Vector Battery Charger

Red clamp on the charger to postive post on the car's battery. black clamp on the charger to engine block, or to negative post on the car's battery? For some reason when I had it hooked to the engine block the charger would shut off after 10 seconds ... Read more

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Car’s Battery

I just installed a new car MP3 / CD Player and I don't drive very far or very often, sometimes the car can be unused for a week. Normally it will start right away, but after taking out my old Car Music System and replacing it ... Read more

How Do I Use This Basic Battery Charger To Charge My Car Battery

I lost the manual. It is a "6/2amp Solid State Battery Charger." It has a switch to change from 2 amp to 6 amp. The meter reads from 0 to 8 D.C. amperes. I'm charging the battery in my old Crown Vic, so ... Read more

When I Hook Up Car Battery Charger, Should Multimeter Testing Of Battery Terminals Show No Voltage

My dead battery was reading 7 volts, but when I attach my (ahem, Harbor Freight) battery charger and test using multimeter, it appears to drop voltage to .003. Is this normal? Also, after a few hours of charging, the battery appears to be no better off. ... Read more

Can You Build Your Own Uninterruptible Power Supply With A Car Battery, An Inverter, And A Battery Charger

The point is to create a UPS with a very long run time when the main power goes out. Can you hook the charger to the car battery terminals and then attach an inverter to the same terminals (in parallel they call it?). You then plug ... Read more