Question About What Does Water In Oil Mean To A Car Engine


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Cause Of Water Leak ON DIESEL ENGINE

My Isuzu 4BA1 diesel engine suddenly leaked water on the lower side of the exhaust manifold, the water squirts from the engine upward to the manifold. What causes this? What migh be the extent of the repair to be done? Hard one? RAJEEV what do you ... Read more

I Have Got A Volvo T4 1.9 The Head Gasket Went I Had That Changed And The Rad Waterpump And Heater Matrix

There was oil getting in the water. Now there is a lot more oil getting in the water. When the engine is cold i take off the rad cap and oil comes out the cap as if there is pressure pushing the oil into the water. ... Read more

Nissan Sentra Water In Engine Oil

My Nissan Sentra GA14 engine (1998 model - fuel injection) was repaired for the second time because of water in engine oil. (The first was not successful). The head gasket was replaced, new water pump was replaced, sealed well the timing chain cover, oil and ... Read more

’90 Honda Accord Stalled In Water And Now It Won’t Start

Asked about this and got some good advice, but wanted to add this happened to my 1990 Honda Accord, which was I was driving during a recent rainstorm when it stalled while I was trying to cross water running over the road. The water rose so ... Read more

Describe Difference Between Water-Cooled Turbocharger, Air-Air turbo Intercooler, Water-Air Turbo Intercooler

The new Porsche 911 Turbo has a "water-cooled turbocharger" ( Does this mean it employs a water-to-air intercooler (really an aftercooler) on that turbocharger as opposed to an air-to-air intercooler, or is it something else? Is this something new, or have all 911 turbochargers (or intercoolers) ... Read more

I Have Accidentally Poured Water In Engine Oil In My Car Hyundai. What To Do . Will A Oil Change Help

I had mixed water on the top of engine where there was a sign of tap with a water drop and when I had drive the car . After 10 km It started giving jerks and when I pressed full accelerator, It ... Read more

How Can I Tell If My Water Pump Is Leaking Or If I Have Cracked Engine Block

Car 1997 nissan pathfinder le 3.3 engine hi, i noticed my car leaking coolant and my car overheats as soon as all the coolant leaks out, the coolant leak is coming from behind the timing belt in front of the engine and im assuming its the water pump, ... Read more