Question About What Does Water In Oil Mean To A Car Engine


Does Water Filter Its Way Out Of The Oil

Asked on Jun 17, 2010 Ive been finding water in my oil lately on the dipstick and now a couple days later I go to check the oil and the oil is clean now i ran the truck for several hours let it cool and then checked again and still no ... Read more

I Have Got A Volvo T4 1.9 The Head Gasket Went I Had That Changed And The Rad Waterpump And Heater Matrix

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 There was oil getting in the water. Now there is a lot more oil getting in the water. When the engine is cold i take off the rad cap and oil comes out the cap as if there is pressure pushing the oil into the water. ... Read more

My 97 Mustang Overheated And Now Has Water In The Oil, Does That Mean A New Engine Or Can This Be Fixed

Asked on May 28, 2010 So I was driving on the hwy when my 97 mustang v6 overheated ,stalled, and wouldnt start back up we had it towed home and by that time it had cooled and did restart. however the water from the radiator is going in to the oil ... Read more

I Have Accidentally Poured Water In Engine Oil In My Car Hyundai. What To Do . Will A Oil Change Help

Asked on May 17, 2010 I had mixed water on the top of engine where there was a sign of tap with a water drop and when I had drive the car . After 10 km It started giving jerks and when I pressed full accelerator, It ... Read more

If My Engine Overheats Does The Oil Degrade Enough To Cause Loss Of Oil Pressure

Asked on May 20, 2010 My water pump recently went out, the engine got pretty hot (not hot enough to blow head gaskets or anything) but when the engine got hot the oil pressure dropped to the red when ever I gave it gas. Now the water pump has been replaced, ... Read more

Oil In Cooling Water

Asked on May 31, 2010 I have a peugot expert van and it has some oil in the coolant but no water in the engine oil. Whats up? ... Read more

Why Do My Spark Plugs Have Water In Them

Asked on Feb 1, 2012 I am sure i dont have a craked head or block cause water isnt mixing with oil at all oil is still very clean i have a1997 dodge stratus we blew a hose other night fix that could the intake manifold be cracked or something like that cause ... Read more