Question About What Does A Bad Rotor Sound Like


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Distributor Cap And Rotor

If im changing the distruibtor cap and rotor, is ther a specific way i need to adjust the rotor? how should it be put on? i put the rotor on and distributor cap and the firing sequence is correct but it wont start...and it did before i ... Read more

Toyota Distributor Cap And Rotor

I looked at the auto zone site for a distributor cap and Rotor.Ich my choice between Duralast (brand name) and Beck arnley (brand name) had. beck arnley teurer.Duralast significantly rotor is -2. 99, rotor cap 9 99 (+ or -) beck arnley rotor -9. 99, rotor ... Read more

94 Honda Accord Rotor Bolt

How the hell do you get the bolt off the rotor? It's turned at a bad angle and I can't even see if it's a phillips head, or what. Also, the valve cover gasket is pretty much shot and there's oil in all the ... Read more

Distributor Help Please, Noise

I own a 96 acura integra ls, for a while now it has had a annoying rattling sound. The sound is most heard in the lower rpm range about 2-3, but that could be because the engine sound gets too loud above 4. A ... Read more

What Would Happen If I Started My Car Without A Distributor Cap

Only the rotor ausgesetztlol u guys are idiots, I know it will not start! I wanted to know because the dam to increase the screw rotor, in order to get to the bottom and very hard to. So I wanted to crank it to the rotor ... Read more

My Wifes 1987 Nissan 300zx Does Not Start. She Turned It Off The Night Before, The Next Day It Would Not Start

First i checked for spark at one of the plug wires, it had none,there is gas in the car. next i took off the distributor cap and changed the rotor since it looked worn. this did not next observation was seeing if the rotor was ... Read more

Does A 1992 Pontiac Sunbird Have A Rotor And Distributor Cap

My car has run a mess for weeks now. I can not afford to put on a machine to have tested. I changed the oil / filter, plugs, wires, said therapies gasoline, but is still running rough. Someone told me to change the rotor and distributor ... Read more