Question About What Does A Bad Distributor Cap Look Like


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1979 351 Windsor Stock Distributor Gear Diameter

I am having a problem installing my distributor. I am rebuilding a 79 351 windsor using stock parts except for the distributor. It is a Mallory distributor. When I try to install the distributor it gets caught up and won't seat all the way on ... Read more

How Do I Install A HEI Distributor On A Ford 302

Hello I want to upgrade my distributor to a electronic ignition system. I currently have a old type point type distributor. Can anybody tell me how to remove my old distributor and how to install a HEI distributor in my 1966 mustang? ... Read more

89 S10, Wanting To Replace The Ignition Control Module, And Probably The Pick Up Coil In The Distributor..

Autozone online is saying that the distributor has to be removed to change these parts, im wondering if i should buy a whole new distributor, but a new one cost $140, if i just buy the parts its only like $60.. anyone know how long ... Read more

My Distributor Keeps Dying. What Could Cause This

The distributor on my '98 4WD Nissan Pathfinder has gone out 3 times in the past 6 months. Is there a sensor or other electrical device that may be causing this? The cap and connections to it are usually fine so it must be ... Read more

Hi I Need Help With The Chevy Firing Order On The Distributor Cap

I know its 18436572 but i have a hei distributor with vacuum advance and i was wondering would you where i can find like a diagram of the distributor cap so i can connect the spark plug wires. my distributor is not points style its hei ... Read more

95 Honda Civic Ex What Is Causing The Distributor Cap To Keep Malfunctioning

The car was working fine and then it quit on the side of the road, so we replaced the distributor cap, then a week after that we replaced it again, now we just got another distributor cap ( yes the third one ) and the car ... Read more

I Have A 66 C10 Pickup, Its Been Sitting For 10 Years,and I Cant Get Ne Sparks From My Distributor Points

I took everything out except the engine and the distributor and replaced it the engine and distributor are the same, Every time I try to start the truck the belt turns and everything but Im not getting ne spark from the distributor points. Can some body ... Read more