Question About What Do I Do When Plastic Stuck Under Car


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The Plastic Thing Covering My Speedometer Is Broken How Can I Fix It

The plastic cover, which is the speedometer in MY 2001 Civic cracked. . Is there any way I can just buy that piece of plastic? if so, where? or I'll have to replace the entire cluster? ... Read more

What Is The Best, And Longest Lasting, Way To Paint Over The Chromed Metal Bumpers On My Truck

Ive painted over it before and about a month later it started chipping around the edges of the plastic step guards. Also, What is the best pay to paint over chromed plastic? My grille shell, and side-view mirrors are chromed plastic, and I don't want the ... Read more

How To Clean Off Speedometer Glass/plastic

I have a 2005 Mazda 6S and on the inside of the glass/plastic covering the speedometer there is bad looking spots all over. I tried taking off the case around the speedometer and after I got that off I couldn't figure out how to take the ... Read more

Camaro Shifter Knob Keeps Getting Stuck In Park

Every once in a while my 1995 Camaro's Shift Knob for automatic is stuck. I press the brakes and it's still stuck. Any experience or suggestions? Should I get it fixed by a brake expert? ... Read more

Plastic Wheel Cover Rattle 2005 Malibu

Plastic lug nuts come off to access steel wheel nuts, but won't tighten enough to trap wheel cover tightly. Anyone have any fixes for this? Thanks Stephen Thanks for the answer, but these ... Read more

What Spray Paint Can I Use On My Car

I have a Jeep and the plastic trim on the side of the car is a sort of a grayish/green color, while the plastic at the corners is still as black as ever. I need a spray paint that I can use on the exterior of ... Read more

What Are Some Bad Things That Can Happen With A Stuck Open Thermostat

I mean I know a stuck closed one is real bad and can cause overheating but is a stuck open one really necessary to fix? I believe mine has been like this for 2+ years with no problems. The gauge likes to jump from normal to ... Read more