Question About What Causes A Clicking Noise And Loss Of Power


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Need Help With A 92 Ford F350 Diesel Truck

I just replaced my glow plug relay and starter put 2 new battery's in and that glow plug relay has a clicking as soon as you are turning the key on. its has power only when it clicks it clicks like 20 to 30 times before ... Read more

HEI Distributor Clicking Noise

At part throttle my new distributor is making a clicking noise. Could this just be the centrifugal advance making noise? Also, it is a little hesitant off the line. Any ideas on adjusting the vacuum advance? ... Read more

Clicking Noise From Dashboard When I Turn AC On

I have a problem with my AC and I need some suggestions. I recently took my AC in to see why it had not been working for months. I was told by Ford that I needed my compressor replaced. I took it to another ... Read more

84 Corvette Headlight Motor

Starts to make a clicking noise and won't lock into place at end of rotation. It seems to be some sort of internal switch that isn't triggering when it needs to be, wondering if anyone has had any past experiences with this. There was no prior ... Read more

Wheel Bearring, Cv Joint, Brake Calliper HELP

Ok so I have a 2004 nissan sentra ser, in the mornings ONLY MORNING time or a little while after not driving the car, I notice a clicking noise like a flat tire clicking noise after 5 minutes driving the noise goes away but comes back ... Read more

Toyota Sienna Front Driver Clicking Noise

Toyota Sienna 2007 60K + miles... lots of family vacationing. My wife reports to me one day a grinding noise from the front left wheel driver side. I test driver the van and and feel a grinding vibration. What I've noticed is this 1. Shifting from Park ... Read more

My Car Won’t Start Until I Hear A Clicking Sound From Beneath The Hood.

The clicking sound is coming from the relay box, I can feel it when I have someone turn the key to the 'on' position (and I'm beneath the hood with my fingers on the relays). There is no problem with the starter, and I installed ... Read more