Question About What Causes A Cars Speedometer To Stop Working


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1997 Mercury Sable. Took Fuse Out For Radio, Speedometer Now Not Working, Are They Connected Somehow

It was put a tape into the recorder and ran the engine and I couldldn't Get the tape out ", so I pulled the fuse for the radio would stop and now my speedometer is not working. I was somehow surprised when the speedometer is on ... Read more

My Speedometer, Odometer And Blinkers Stop Working At Times Why

I have a 1990 Buick Le Sabre. I've been having problems with the speedometer for awhile. It stops working fequently and every time that stops working my odometer stops working also. Now my blinkers will stop working too. Sometimes they stop all together and then other ... Read more

Any Ideas Why My Speedometer And Odometer Stop Working

I have a 1993 Honda Civic EX. Last week, my speedometer and odometer stopped working? Anyone know why this happened and how I can fix it (without taking it somewhere)? Also, if anyone has any links or sites I can visit about info on fixing Hondas, ... Read more

What Would Make The Odometer And Speedometer Stop Working

I own a 99 ford taruas and recently the odometer and speedometer stopped working. The numbers wont turn and the gauge needle wont move. But it will start back working, what cold be the problem/? ... Read more

MECHANICS I Have A 99 Jeep Cherokee And The Speedometer Is Not Working

Some days it's fine and the next it's not working again. Sometimes all the gauges stop working. What is going on ? How much cost will the repair be? ... Read more

What Can Cause Chek Engine Light To Come On And Speedometer To Stop Working

My wife has a 2001 Celica that had the Check engine light come on ... then the Gas gauge/Speedometer Stopped working and now it would not shift from 2 to 3rd... any suggestions on what this could be? ... Read more

What Can You Do If Your Car Stops Working In The Middle Of Traffic Or In A Road While Driving

It's never happend but i know cars can stop working or may run out of gas. I've seen some people sometimes that push their car. do they put it on Neutral? But then how would you push it if you have bad knees? And what if ... Read more