Question About What Cause Speed Odometer Not To Work In A Car


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The Speedometer And Odometer On My 98 Dodge Dakota Isnt Working. Any One Have A Solution

The speedometer does work occasionally when the speed of the truck climbs over 60 mph, and that is when I notice the odometer moves, too. But other than that, the speedometer and odometer do not move. ... Read more

Need Help Speedometer Jumping Like Crazy And Odometer Running Fast Than Usual

Do you need help, I'm just a Honda Accord LX 1994 from my aunt. I noticed that the speedometer and odometer like crazy fast rising as usual jumping, but sometimes running normally. Is this a problem, cable or is it a speed sensor problem? I also ... Read more

1979 Yamaha Xs1100 Speedometer Doesn’t Work, Nor Does The Odometer. Any Ideas

I changed the cable that runs from the front tire to the speedometer/odometer and all the parts are on the front tire that need to be there in order for the speedometer + odometer to work. Any ideas as to why they still aren't functioning? ... Read more

How Hard And Costly Is It To Fix My 1996 Mazda MPV Odometer / Speedometer Cable

While driving, I heard a pop and my odometer and speedometer does not work there. I do not want to drive the car but now! How hard is it to fix? Is it just a simple cable or more work involved? How much would this cost ... Read more

Speedometer And Odometer Dont Work. That Green Sport Light Goes On After I Put The Gear In Drive.what Do I Fix

I too have the speed sensor and still nothing had geƤndert.Ich also the speedo sensor and nothing changed. This is for a 1991 Honda Accord Ls. ... Read more

Is It Possible A 94 Grand Prix Could Have A Connection Between Transmission And Speedometer/odometer Issues

The car acts like it does not want to get up and go and at the same time the speedometer and odometer have stopped working all the time, they work sometimes. Once the car gets going it seems to run fine, it is an automatic. Any ... Read more

Would A Broken Speedometer & Odometer Cause Me To Fail Inspection

I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota V6. The speedometer went sporadic in July and then quit all together a few weeks later. We replaced the speed sensor and nothing happened-- My inspection is past due, and I was just wondering if the broken speedometer & odometer ... Read more