Question About What Cause Piston Rods To Bend


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Separate Piston From Connecting Rod 95 Eclipse.

How can I separate the piston from the connecting rod for a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse? The rods are garbage but the pistons are in good shape and i need to replace the old rods with new. Any suggestions aside from taking them to have them pressed ... Read more

460 Motor Rebuild. Crankshaft Wont Spin At Piston #7

I'm trying to get my engine to run. I bought the truck like this. It is a 460 ford motor. I have 2 motors, one for parts and the other is the one I'm keeping. I took them both apart. The one I'm keeping had the ... Read more

The Upanddown Motion Of The Piston Is Converted To Rotary Motion By The

A. cylinder head and valves. B. Bearing and piston rings. C. Pushrods and rocker arms. D. Connecting rods and the crankshaft. ... Read more

How To Assemble A Piston To A Connecting Rod

2002 saturn l300 3.0 vin R ok people i am rebuilding the motor engine block was boiled and remaned i have all new rings,rods and pistons there are arrows on the pistons but not sure if the rods need to be a certain way this is being install ... Read more

1994 Eagle Talon DL Piston Rod Direction…

I have a 1994 Eagle Talon with the 4g37 1.8l engine. Me and a friend are rebuilding the engine and are trying to find out which direction the lettering on the connecting rods go. We don't want to put the rods in backwards and beside a ... Read more

Does Any1 Know Where Online Of Course I Can Buy BMW Piston Caps For Sale

I have a 1991 325i convertible, & I'm only needing the "top portion" of the pistons (6) - which personally, I refer to as the "piston cap". I don't need connecting rods, or anything else other than the rings which I can purchase @ will later. ... Read more

What Does Nominal Bore 101.6 Mm Mean, And Are You SURE The .030 Oversized Are Too Big, This Is Helping Me

This engine is getting pieced back together on shoe-string budget Engine is a little beat up Fixing this, on the cheap - and (That gummy particle in the 2nd pic is likely a product i tried before it did that, it will be cleaned up) Im gonna ... Read more