Question About Vector 1089a Battery Charger Manual


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Which Battery CHARGER Should I Purchase In My Situation Described Below

I think I might not have been clear enough in my original question posted below, because this person's answer seems to indicate that I was looking to replace my battery, which is only 15 months old, I will summarize my question at the end. One answer ... Read more

Charging Car Battery With A Vector Battery Charger

Red clamp on the charger to postive post on the car's battery. black clamp on the charger to engine block, or to negative post on the car's battery? For some reason when I had it hooked to the engine block the charger would shut off after 10 seconds ... Read more

What Is The Best Car Battery Charger To Get

I have an old Sears 2/10 amp battery charger that is real old and in need of replacing. I cooked a lawn mower battery the other day because I left the charger on it too long, and figure it's time for one of the newer models ... Read more

How To Jumpstarting Car With Automatic Battery Charger

I just bought an automatic battery charger made by Vector. The instructions really sucked. I could not find anything that tells you when you can turn on your vehicle. Do I charge it first, then unplug the power cord and cables. Then turn on the car? ... Read more

Where Can I Find Instructions To A Vector Vec1089 Car Battery Charger

Where can I find instructions to a vector vec1089 car battery charger? ... Read more

I Have A Battery Charger Need Help Plz

So i have a battery charger that plugs in the wall but its been pluged in for a day but when i went to charge my car battery it turns off like it hasn't been charging the manual does help all it talks about is how ... Read more

I Think I Accidentaly Left My Car Battery Charging With…

The instructions I beleive said positive clamp goes to positive terminal on the car battery, and negative clamp goes to engine block or metal chasis, but I think I left it with the negative clamp on the negative terminal (because htats how i had originally connected it ... Read more