Question About Truck Thermostat Failed Open


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How Would My Trucks Thermostat Get Riped Into Two Pieces

I was driving the truck when it started to over heat. Just as I pulled into a parking lot to shut it down it the temp. dropped quickly. At this point I thought I would try and make it home. The truck never came back up ... Read more

What Could Happen With Thermostat Stuck Open

My thermostat in my radiator hanging wide open, and my car never gets very hot. Could any problems arise from this? ... Read more

Can Installing The Wrong Thermostat Cause A Car To Suddenly Run Rough

I have a 1986 Chrysler LeBaron and it normally runs just great, but today I installed a 180 degree thermostat in it, as the old thermostat stopped working and the car was running too hot. However, when I removed the old thermostat, I noted that ... Read more

What Does An OPEN Automobile Thermostat Look Like

I put one in a pot of boiling water as a test to see if it opens. But what does one LOOK LIKE when it is open? ... Read more

How Do I Check A Car Thermostat With Boiling Water

My car is overheating. I put in a new thermostat, test drove it - it overheated and the coolant backed up big time into the overflow tank. A guy said to pull the new thermostat, drop it in a pot of boiling water and ... Read more

Nissan 240sx Breaks Failed… Help Please

I was going about 60 km an hour and right before the red light my breaks simply failed... i floored the break pedal but nothing was happening, my E-brake still works, calipers, break pads are fine... shouldnt be the pump because when i pump the pedal ... Read more

Unable To Open My Car With A Regular Key

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Limited and I had to open my door with the regular ignition key but whenever i open the door the security system does not turn off so when i try to turn on the car the alarm goes off. what ... Read more