Question About Toyota Thermostat Installation 1986 22r Engine


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Where Do The Timing Marks Go On The Cam Gears On A 1986 Toyota Corolla When Changing The Timing Belts

I'm about to replace a timing belt, not chain, on a 1986 toyota corolla. Its a 4 cylinder dual overhead cam. I need to know where timing marks on the cam gears go.... If anyone knows for sure I would appreciate your answer. ... Read more

Subaru GL Overheating

I am about to look at a 1986 Subaru GL that drives great until taken on the free way where it over heats. The lady does not know much about the engine but its pretty new bought out of a crate a couple years ago. Any ... Read more

1986 Honda Overheating Help

OK, I have a 1986 Honda civic 1.5L Carb. It has a new water pump, thermostat, and rad. I have heard that this carb is designed to run lean under certain conditions. I also heard that they begin to foul and run super ... Read more

I Have A 1986 Chev. P.u. 4×4 W/300h350 Gm Crate Heat Never Gets Warm.running 185 Thermastat.

Even in the summer w/ac on engine never gets over heated.this is good but heater and defroster never warms up. what size thermostat would help? ... Read more

I Need Help Finding A Bra Or Front End Cover For A 1986 Pontiac Firebird

My boyfriend just recently bought a 1986 pontiac friebird but the paint on the front near the bumper isn't that great so i need to find a bra or front end cover for it until i can afford a full body paint job after the t-top ... Read more

I Bought A New Cylinder Head For A Toyota Hiace 3.0 Diesel Engine With New Radiator And It Still Throws Water

The block has been re-sleeved it doesn't overheat no matter how much i push it. the reserve is always filled with water or coolant every time i check the engine. mind you i don't have a thermostat i took it off and never replaced it because ... Read more

Can I Run My 1993 Toyota Fuel Injected Pick Up Without A Thermostat

What would be the bad and what would be the good ... I'm only going to run it for about a week without the thermostat . Just around town and stuff ... Read more