Question About Toyota Camry 2 2 Cylinder Head Torque


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Anyone Own A Toyota Camry 19972001

My 97 toyota camry has this little box on the left side of the steering wheel that says "toyota security" and it has a little light and something that looks like a tiny speaker... (the light does not blink). I have no idea what its ... Read more

Is It True That A Catalytic Converter And Exhaust Manifold On A Toyota Camry Are One Part

Question: Is It True That A Catalytic Converter And Exhaust Manifold On A Toyota Camry Are One Part, The catalytic converter on my 2001 Toyota Camry needs to be replaced. The mechanic told me that the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold are all one piece ... Read more

What Is A Knock Sensor & What Does It Do To The Car

I blew a head gasket on a 2004 Toyota Camry SE, my mechanic fixed it, kind of, got a new head gasket & got the cylinder block fixed & clean. Anyway, When I drive (floor it) it the RPM seems to go high when I accelerate ... Read more

What Are The Torque Specs On A 98 Toyota Camry , 2.2 Engine For The Crank Main And Connecting Rod Bearings

What are the torque specs on a 98 toyota camry , 2.2 engine for the crank main and connecting rod bearings? ... Read more

Are There Any Other Years That Will Fit A 1994 Toyota Camry Sun Visor

I have a 1994 Toyota Camry and broke the driver's side sun visor off a while back. I'm looking to find a replacement on sites like eBay, but the pickings are slim. Does anyone know which years will fit a 1994 Camry? It ... Read more

How Do I Convert Ft./lb To In./lb On A Torque Wrench

Many car engines call for parts of the cylinder head to be in in/lb and just wondering if there is a way to use my torque wrench that measures in ft/lb instead of paying for another torque wrench ... Read more