Question About Toyota Avanza Battery Replacement


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Ford Mondeo 1.9 Car Battery Going Dead

Hello all, My car battery went dead a couple of weeks ago. I got myself a battery charger and got the car to start. I drove it around for about half and hour. But the next morning, the battery was dead. From the past month or so, i ... Read more

Car Battery Keeps Dying

I have a Toyota sienna 2002. I have replaced the alternator, the battery, and the terminals. I have a battery charger and i use that to charge the battery and it works. I have the original sound system, have not added anything electrical. ... Read more

Are There Any Other Years That Will Fit A 1994 Toyota Camry Sun Visor

I have a 1994 Toyota Camry and broke the driver's side sun visor off a while back. I'm looking to find a replacement on sites like eBay, but the pickings are slim. Does anyone know which years will fit a 1994 Camry? It ... Read more

Car Battery

My Toyota Camry 93 wont charge the battery. Is it because the car charger (something that charge the battery) or the battery is dead? Please let me if you know about car. Thanks alot ... Read more

How Much Should I Pay For A Battery To A 2003 Focus Hatchback

I think i need a new battery because the same one has been in the car possibly for 120,000 plus miles. and im upgrading the sound system so i want to be on the safe side. i went to napa and they told me a replacement ... Read more

Where To Find Aftermarket Stereo For ’98 Toyota Camry

Need suggestions for a stereo replacement for my 1998 Toyota Camry. It seems that finding a stereo online that fits is near impossible. The '98 Camry XLE has a Double-DIN space just to keep in mind. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks! ... Read more

Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement 91 4runner

After closer inspection i realized where that coolant was really coming from! :P I've done a few before. Just wondering if anyone who has done this type 1991 Toyota 4runner SR5 4x4 3.0L V6 has any hints or tips for the DIY'er. Alrdy got ... Read more