Question About Tips To Increase Acceleration Of Cars


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How Could I Increase Car Acceleration

I have a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix with 3.4L V6 engine. When the gas pedal is pushed completely down it begins to hesitate on acceleration and starts jerking until the gas is let off...what could be the problem here? I have Dynomax exhaust and ... Read more

What Can I Put To Increase Acceleration On My 96 Sentra Gxe 5spd

My 96 senta gxe 5spd lacks acceleration especially on hills the car has 86,000 miles on it. and the engine is like brand new but i was wondering if a cold air intake or a throttle body spacer would do me any good whats your advice and ... Read more

Kawasaki Ninja Exhaust Help

I have a zx6 duel exhaust 2001 and both pips are pretty banged up and i was wondering what it would sound like it is cut both of the tips off and put welded on a set of those car exhaust tips you get on ebay, ... Read more

Does Anyone Have Any Tips To Increase The Performance Of Your Car Without Modifying Parts

So im pretty sure if you use premium gas instead of regular it will improve performance. Are there any other products people use? I've heard theres some sort of oil/liquid you can put in the gas tank when you fill up thats supposed to increase performance ... Read more

How Can I Increase Acceleration And 060 Time

I have a 94 camaro z28 with 383 stoker engine....flat head pistons, forged internals,flowmaster castback, k(n)N intake systems, ....I wanna be able to beat get great jump speed..minus the burnout ... Read more

I Have A 300zx 2+2 Nonturbo And I Just Put Exhaust Headers And Straightthru Piping And 4.5in Tips On It.

While it sounds great, it still doesn't have the acceleration that i was looking for. Should I install a lightweight racing flywheel? ... Read more

Will Changing Exhaust Tips Void My Cars Warranty

It's a CarMax 2 year service warranty. I hear you cannot modify engine parts etc. But would something little like exhaust tips void my warranty ? The tips are getting black and nasty looking. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 ... Read more