Question About Testing A Coilpack On A Pt Cruiser


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I Own A 02 Pt Cruiser. The Speedometer And Tachnometer Stopped Working. What Is Causing This How Do I Fix It

I own a 02 pt cruiser. After jump starting, the speedometer&tachometer doesn't move up anymore, stays at zero. Everthing else powers up just fine. All the lcd's on the dashboard lights up properly. The needles on the speedometer&tachnometer moves from off position to zero when I ... Read more

How To Replace A Broken Lug Stud On A 2002 PT Cruiser

When removing a tire yesterday, on my 2002 PT Cruiser, the lug nut was on so tight that it wouldn't loosen. Instead, the lug bolt actually broke at the end of the lug nut. How do you replace the broken lugt bolt? Can ... Read more

Spark Plugs Not Firing

Alrighty, not having a job for 2 weeks sucks! I am a delivery driver so..... 2000 ford focus 2.0 DOHC. 172k miles. Timing belt lost 25% of its teeth, so stumbling through learning how to replace that, and waiting for the allignment tools i got everything back together. Now ... Read more

When To Change Spark Plugs In My Pt Cruiser

When do I need to change the spark plugs in my 2008 Pt Cruiser. It has 29k miles. and when is a good time to change the belt? yea I have the basic warranty 36k miles, and have a Ford service contract warranty for up ... Read more

Anybody Know Some Tricks To Help You Pass Vehicle Emission Testing

I live in California and I have to do the good old SMOG check to register it here. The truck was bought in Texas, and registered later in Arizona. Arizona has emmision testing also but I'm sure they're not as strict as California. I vae a ... Read more

Changing Watts Link Assembly Ball Joints On PT Cruiser

Can the ball joints of the connecting rod of the Watts link connected to the rear axle assembly to be removed a 2001 PT Cruiser. The ball joints are in the studs but it looks like there are crimp marks around the poles were the topics. ... Read more

Looking For A PT Cruiser Battery Charger

I have a PT Cruiser (Chrysler) and I dont drive it very often so the battery is always dying. I have AAA but am getting tired of calling them. I can never remember to start the car up often enough. One time AAA came out and started ... Read more