Question About Test A Headlight Bulb


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Best Headlight Bulb For My Car

What do you think is the best headlight bulb for my car? I just shelled out $60.00 (plus the $20.00 for the high-intensity wiring harnesses) for a pair of Luminics Krypton series Titanium White bulbs. They are the worst bulb I've ever had in my car, ... Read more

2001 Volkswagen Cabrio Headlight Question

I replaced the right front headlight bulb with the H7 replacement bulb. The headlight still does not work. Is there a fuse for one headlight relay? The left front works fine. ... Read more

What Are The Steps In Replacing A Poped Headlight Bulb

My headlight doesn't work, and i took out the bulb, but my question really is...does the light bulb come out of the socket? if yes, how do i take it out? This is in a 1987 Chevy Caprice Classic. ... Read more

My Headlight Bulb Is Dark, Should I Change The Bulb Corolla S 2003

What should i change ? i found some halogen bulb that claim The Brightest, Whitest, is that true? which one should i buy and where can i get it from? pepboys? 1,SYLVANIA 9006 SILVERSTAR HIGH PERFORMANCE HALOGEN HEADLIGHT BULB or another? which brand is good? ... Read more

How Do You Disconnect A Headlight Socket That Is Stuck

My problem is that one of my car's headlight sockets can not be detached from the prongs of the bulb. (The side release buttons aren't there and the plastic is covered in tape). I've tried to pull it off but It feels like if I ... Read more

What Is The Best Replacement Headlight Bulb

What is the best replacement headlight bulb? My front halogen one died out, and i need a replacement. So i was looking for either a cool blue or white look. Without spending $150+ for an HID conversion of course. So what is the best headlight bulb ... Read more

How Do I Change The Headlight In A 2000 Honda Civic

I am trying to change the headlight on my Civic and I can't figure out how to disconnect the old bulb. I have taken off the rubber sleeve and unhooked the light from the outlet. The bulb is still attached to the headlight. ... Read more