Question About Symptoms Of Loose Distributor


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Car Stereo Works On And Off

Before anyone suggests its a loose connection, I double and tripled checked them all. My stereo has some weird problems. Whenever I turn my car on, it will power on and boot up. But when I try the radio, ipod, or cd I either will, or will ... Read more

Quick Q What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Distributor

1990 Civic DX: engine cut out trying to release the clutch, usually in the 2nd, 3rd Gang, and more prevelent after warm ist.Bereits text: KraftstofffilterO2-sensor distributor cap, pin-Z├╝ndkerzenWenn it a bad dealer, is how complicated the timing setting after they replaced, or would I have done ... Read more

Symptoms Of A Faulty Ignition Module

What are the common symptoms of a defective ignition module on a 94 'K1500 350? My problem is poor start ignition of persuading the morning with the truck, crack the throttle and missing, and then smooth out, is distributor aftermarket re-established, yes I know I have ... Read more

If It Leaks A Lil Bit Form Distributor

I have oil leak threw the o-ring and it leaks out the very bottom of my distributor cap threw a hole for the old wires. anyway there are no symptoms yet so how long could i last driving like this. i have been doing this 3 ... Read more

Whats Wrong With My 2004 Honda Civic

The coolant boils out in the overflow tank and I loose coolant which causes the car to overheat, I replaced the thermostat, water pump, timing belt and have no symptoms of a blown head gasket also the radiator cap seems to be holding pressure and the ... Read more

Tightening Up The Distributor Cap Seems To Have Cured Most Or All Of The Car’s Problems

Can the Difference between "Loose Cap, oh no i need Wires, the Distributor is bad, etc" and tight Cap be THAT Drastic? It seems to be on mine.. Now i turn the key and it -Instantly- Starts! Like, at the time or before the key even goes ... Read more

When To Replace Distributor

I believe this part is part of the ignition/ starting system. Does it fail suddently or are there symptoms it needs to be replaced? ... Read more