Question About Symptoms Of Bad Rotor Button


Distributor Cap/Rotor Button On A 1993 Geo Prizm / Toyota Corolla Concern

Asked on Jun 7, 2010 I changed the distributor cap and all the cables / plugs last week, but forgot to reinstall the rotor button. I'm fixing that tomorrow, but want to know what went wrong before, without the key. All information / help is very welcome. ... Read more

I Need Help Figuring Out What Is Wrong With My 95 Honda Civic PLEASE

Asked on Jul 4, 2010 Ok, i have a 95 honda civic 1.5 motor. we just bought it last week. it started to misfire so my husband put new plugs and wires in. afterwards it was still doing it. so he took the distributor cap off and cleaned the rotor button. ... Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of Sparkplugs Going Bad

Asked on Jul 1, 2010 I have a 1984 Ford F-150 truck with a 302 V8 engine in it. 5.0L. Anyway, how do I know if i need new spark plugs? I changed the distributor cap and rotor pin because they were all messed up but the sparks and wires i ... Read more

Distributor Cap On A 91 Buick Roadmaster

Asked on Jun 15, 2010 If you are a distributor cap, rotor, it has a little button thing in Neath it. It is white and has a piece of metal at the end. I suppose it rotates under the distributor cap, and it sparks all cylinders. If the rotor is small ... Read more


Asked on May 22, 2010 I have a 1990 dodge ram d150, 5.2l 318. Anyhow, it stalls a lot. My dad said the distributor is supposed to spin, and mine doesn't. Would this contribute to my stalling problem? I was pricing the parts I need - ... Read more

Does My 91 Bmw 318is Not Have A Distributor Cap Or Rotor Button

Asked on Jun 1, 2010 I'm trying to tune up my new 91 bmw 318is and i cant find anybody that sells a distributor cap or rotor button does this car not have them? if it dont have it how do i tune it up if its missing? ... Read more

2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara Button

Asked on Jun 23, 2010 I have a button by my shifter in my car and i don't knokw what it is. the car doesn't have an owners manual so i was hoping someone could help me. it says n on the top of the button, a/t in the center of ... Read more