Question About Symptoms Of Bad Rotor Button


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Distributor Cap On A 91 Buick Roadmaster

If you are a distributor cap, rotor, it has a little button thing in Neath it. It is white and has a piece of metal at the end. I suppose it rotates under the distributor cap, and it sparks all cylinders. If the rotor is small ... Read more

Does My 91 Bmw 318is Not Have A Distributor Cap Or Rotor Button

I'm trying to tune up my new 91 bmw 318is and i cant find anybody that sells a distributor cap or rotor button does this car not have them? if it dont have it how do i tune it up if its missing? ... Read more


I have a 1990 dodge ram d150, 5.2l 318. Anyhow, it stalls a lot. My dad said the distributor is supposed to spin, and mine doesn't. Would this contribute to my stalling problem? I was pricing the parts I need - ... Read more

2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara Button

I have a button by my shifter in my car and i don't knokw what it is. the car doesn't have an owners manual so i was hoping someone could help me. it says n on the top of the button, a/t in the center of ... Read more

No Start After Changing Dist Cap/rotor Button, Coil

Its a chevy 350 engine & I looked under my cap & it was all corroded & rusty. So i took the cap, rotor button, & all the electronic coil stuff out of a new olds dist. All the parts LOOKED the same ... Read more

What Does The A And M Button Do On My BMW 328i Sedan

On the center console next to the shifter ( P R N D 3 2 1) , is a button which is labeled A and M. It stands for automatic and manual. The car is automatic, but i don't understand why you would need a special ... Read more

How Do I Remove The Shift Knob From A Bmw

The car is a 2005 330CI automatic. I do not know how the button (to lose), and I want to change it. I tried it, but it does not rotate. I tried clicking on it, as I learned, but I'm afraid that might cause something to ... Read more