Question About Symptoms Of Bad Distributor Small Block 350


Where Can I Get A USED Chevy 305 Or 350 Small Block

Asked on Jun 23, 2010 I have an '89 Camaro RS with a 2.8L V6....Underpowered i know. I would like to get a 305 or 350 V8 Small block, the prices of a new crate engine are way too high for me, so does anyone know of a good site to get ... Read more

Will A 350 Crate Motor Be As Powerful As A 350 Short Block, Or A 350 Long Block In Terms Of Horsepower

Asked on Jun 24, 2010 Does that question make sense? What im basically asking is will i be better off putting a 350 crate motor in my chevy, a 350 short block, or a 350 long block? I am currently in the process of replacing my motor. I am purchasing through a ... Read more

Quick Q What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Distributor

Asked on Jun 14, 2010 1990 Civic DX: engine cut out trying to release the clutch, usually in the 2nd, 3rd Gang, and more prevelent after warm ist.Bereits text: KraftstofffilterO2-sensor distributor cap, pin-Z├╝ndkerzenWenn it a bad dealer, is how complicated the timing setting after they replaced, or would I have done ... Read more

Stock Small Block Chevy Total Timing

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 1972 Chevelle 350, Freshly rebuilt engine... completely. However, just stock parts. No performance parts in there at all except exhaust and simple bolt ons. With that being said, the sticker said to get it to 6 degrees BTDC @ 600RPM. Has an HEI distributor in there (MSD) and ... Read more

What Is A Fuse Block On A Auto & How Would It Cause Stalling

Asked on Jul 2, 2010 I have posted here several days with car issues and stalling with 2005 gmc envoy denali... it is stalling after it gets warm.. I can drive it but after engine heats up it stalls, and if ut does not stall when I turn the car off ... Read more

The Right Carburetor For My Mild Built 350 Small Block Chevy

Asked on Dec 29, 2010 I need some good guidance on what carburetor to get for my mild high performance built 350 chevy small block. reconditioned Stock block with stock crank, rods and with speed pro pistons. Clevite 77 bearings. AFR 195 Eliminator cylinder heads Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake Stock fuel pump doug ... Read more

Symptoms Of A Faulty Ignition Module

Asked on Jun 7, 2010 What are the common symptoms of a defective ignition module on a 94 'K1500 350? My problem is poor start ignition of persuading the morning with the truck, crack the throttle and missing, and then smooth out, is distributor aftermarket re-established, yes I know I have ... Read more