Question About Symptoms Of A Coil Pack Going Bad In A 2004 Honda Crv


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1991 Ford Explorer,It Will Crank But Not Start.Replaced Coil Pack,crankshaft Sensor,and Had Other Parts Checke

The vehicle will start on occasion,and runs great when it starts,but you have to crank it for at least 45 seconds to make it start the coil pack will not produce any spark durring the first 30 seconds of cranking,but has 12 volts at the plug on ... Read more

Crown Victoria Police Car Needs Coil Pack Help

My cruiser is down. We just did the intake manifold. We dropped some coolant in a couple spark plug holes. We drained them out the best we could. Last week the check eng light said miss on 4 and 5 cyl. Its running ruff, stutters and ... Read more

Whats Wrong With My 2004 Honda Civic

The coolant boils out in the overflow tank and I loose coolant which causes the car to overheat, I replaced the thermostat, water pump, timing belt and have no symptoms of a blown head gasket also the radiator cap seems to be holding pressure and the ... Read more

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I have a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T. I recently found out that they have recalled the car because of the ignition coil. I have been having problems with the car and am wondering if this is the cause of them or if its something else. ... Read more


I have a 2001 ford escort ZX2 and i have a MAJOR problem... here are the symptoms: SERVICE ENGINE SOON CODE:P0304 Cylinder 4 misfire detected and while idling it seems to run fine BUT while accelerating ANY little bit it jumps and misfires BAD it almost ... Read more

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Gonna replace mine.Do I need COIL SPRING INSULATORS & COIL CONNECTORS also? thnx mike addison texas usa ... Read more