Question About Symptoms Of A Bad Ignition Rotor


Why Doesn’t The Ignition Rotor Spin/rotate On My 94 Honda Accord LX

Asked on Aug 12, 2010 I have a 94 Honda accord which I serviced a few days ago by doing the following. Replaced the valve cover gasket. Replaced the distributor cap because it was cracked. Replaced the Ignition Rotor since the cap was off. Replaced the Spark plugs and wires. Once the work was completed ... Read more

After I Got A New Distributor Cap And Rotor Ignition My 1992 Honda Accord Still Misfires, Why Is That T Up Dn

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 Just got a tune up, ignition wire set, valve gasket changed, rotor ignition, distributor cap, camshaft seal replaced, water pump, timing belt, and my car still stutters and misfires. ... Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Ignition Coil

Asked on Jan 3, 2011 I have a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T. I recently found out that they have recalled the car because of the ignition coil. I have been having problems with the car and am wondering if this is the cause of them or if its something else. ... Read more

H.E.I Cap And Rotor On Stock Distributor And Ignition System Will It Work

Asked on Jun 29, 2010 I have a msd h.e.i cap & rotor sitting around and was wondering if it can be used on my stock 1987 caprice ignition system. I already have the msd h.e.i wires installed on my stock cap. ... Read more

I Would Like To Know How High Performance Hei, Msd, Accel, Ignition Parts R Better Than Stock.

Asked on May 12, 2010 I want to replace all my stock ignition parts like my distributor cap n rotor for a 66 Ford 289, but not sure what brand to go with. The way i see it ignition is ignition. ... Read more

Quick Question On Ignition Timing

Asked on Aug 12, 2010 Ive been working on my '89 325i and i had to replace the rocker arms and timing belt. in that process i had to remove the distributor rotor and replace it with a new one. but as i was reading the manual it said something about ... Read more

Should The Distributor Rotor Rotate When Cranking The Engine On A 97 Acura Integra, Need Access To Screw

Asked on Aug 6, 2010 Trying to remove screw the holds distributor rotor to distributor shaft, to get to ignition coil. I have to remove screw first but every time I crank the engine it does not move, could the distributor gear attached to shaft be shot or is it ... Read more