Question About Symptoms Of A Bad Distributor Rotor


I Need Help With Multiple Questions About Replacing The Distributor In My 1997 Acura Integra GSR.

Asked on May 22, 2010 1. (This is more a silly general question). Why do I have to replace the cap & rotor at the same time as the distributor? (No one explained it to me and I'm just curious). 2. The distributor I ordered for my car arrived before the ... Read more

94 Honda Accord Rotor Bolt

Asked on Aug 16, 2010 How the hell do you get the bolt off the rotor? It's turned at a bad angle and I can't even see if it's a phillips head, or what. Also, the valve cover gasket is pretty much shot and there's oil in all the ... Read more

Toyota Distributor Cap And Rotor

Asked on Jun 8, 2010 I looked at the auto zone site for a distributor cap and Rotor.Ich my choice between Duralast (brand name) and Beck arnley (brand name) had. beck arnley teurer.Duralast significantly rotor is -2. 99, rotor cap 9 99 (+ or -) beck arnley rotor -9. 99, rotor ... Read more

Which Way Does The Rotor Point In A 1983 Porsche 944

Asked on Jul 11, 2010 I took off the distributor cap and the rotor. i also turned the engine and camshaft after taking off the rotor. i have the piston TDC #1 and am wondering how and which way do install the rotor. + the belt is off. ... Read more

What Is The Different Between A Distributor Cap And Rotor Kit Then Buy A Distributor Cap Sep, And The Rotor

Asked on May 10, 2010 What is the differen between a Distrubutor cap and rotor kit? Then buy a Distributor cap seprated, and the rotor seprated? Is the same thing right? ... Read more

Distributor Cap On A 91 Buick Roadmaster

Asked on Jun 15, 2010 If you are a distributor cap, rotor, it has a little button thing in Neath it. It is white and has a piece of metal at the end. I suppose it rotates under the distributor cap, and it sparks all cylinders. If the rotor is small ... Read more

What Is The Advantages Of Using A Higher Priced Aftermarket Distributor Cap And Rotor

Asked on May 31, 2010 If my car came with AC Delco Distributor Cap & Rotor and ran perfectly, what is the rationale for upgrading to more expensive? How are they better? Please explain in detail. C'mon BFH... that is the weakest answer ever! I need more than that. ... Read more