Question About Symptoms Of A Bad Distributor Nissan Maxima


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Anyone With A 20042006 Nissan Maxima Have An Engine Block Heater

Nissan does not make a factory one and I have checked many auto parts stores and they say they cant come up with anything. One place said they had one but when I opened it up, it was for up to a 2003 Maxima which is ... Read more

Performance Alternators For A 92 Nissan Maxima

I want to put a bigger sound system in my 92 nissan maxima however it is going to need more power. I have a deepcycle battery but I want a better alternator. Do they make Alternators that will fit and wire correctly into them? Thanks ... Read more

My 97 Nissan Maxima Is Squeaking

So i have a 97 nissan maxima with 267,000 miles on it, and when im just cruising down the street it squeaks, when im not on the breaks it squeaks. Ive had the brakes, and brake pads replaced and it still does this. Whats making ... Read more

Changing Brakes On 96 Nissan Maxima

Hi, Is it hard changing the brake pads on a 96 nissan maxima? I was told by a neighbor that whenever you push the piston ring back in the caliper you have to bleed the lines. Is this true? The car has 185,000 miles on it. Is this ... Read more

Where Is The Knock Sensor Locted At On A 96 Nissan Maxima

I have a 1996 nissan maxima i need to change the knock sensor i need to find out where its located i really need to fix this car i drive a long way to and from work its costing so much in gas i loose half ... Read more

How To Replace A Knock Sensor And Oxygen Sensor On A Nissan Maxima 1998

I got the check engine light on my nissan maxima se and reading the code at autozone indicates that the knock sensor and oxygen sensor are faulty and, probably, need to be replaced. Is this an expensive repair at the Nissan shop? Where can I find ... Read more

How Much Horsepower Can A Nissan Maxima Transmission Handle Before You Need To Upgrade To A Stronger One

I have an automatic 2003 Nissan Maxima. It is completely stock right now. From what I understand, a stock 2003 Nissan Maxima engine is able to handle about 5 to 8 psi of boost from a bolt on turbocharger without any problems, on 91 octane, as long as ... Read more