Question About Supercharger For Sportster 883


Any Blower/Turbo/Supercharger Systems For An ’02 HD Sportster 1200

Asked on Apr 28, 2010 I have a 2002 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200, that i paid off and am very happy with the bike overall (no desire at all to trade in towards a different or larger Harley, the sportster fits me well). I was thinking that it would be cool to ... Read more

*HELP* 2007 XL 883 To 1200 Conversion

Asked on Jun 9, 2010 I will do the conversion 883-1200 on my Sportster in October. I know a good Harley-Kit for $ 1,200 that comes with the heads, pistons, cylinders, seals, etc. airbreather, but I wonder this is the best way to go. This kit does not come with cams, ... Read more

How Much Is My 1992 Harley Davidson Sportster Worth It Has 883 Cc A $2000 Chrome Kit And Dyna Ignition Boost

Asked on May 9, 2010 It also has 19.5 k miles on it and its not mint condition but pretty close also has original harley davidson battery and it still runs great ... Read more

Sportster Hop Up Using Buell Parts

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 Looking for an increase in horsepower and torque for my 883.I understand that the heads,cams,cylinders and pistons are basically all I need to push my horses up near 90+.What model Buell would make the best donor? this was kind of a trick question.I already have put in ... Read more

89 Harley Sportster 883

Asked on Jun 30, 2010 Ok, where to begin? So I've been into riding for the past 5 years or so and I absolutely love it. There's nothing quite like running down a mountain at 70 mph, leaning around curves, and tearing up the straights. My first bike ... Read more


Asked on Apr 24, 2010 Now seen in adds and of course.. EBAY. the electric supercharger which does NOT run on a belt.. its called a supercharger but its electric.. anyways.. it is said that the average engine can withstand atleast 4-5 psi .. and the electric supercharger gives about ... Read more

Where To Finance A Supercharger

Asked on May 31, 2010 I want to buy a supercharger but the prices are so expensive,the only way I can afford it is through financing.But when I finance it I need the complete package:ecm computer chip,fuel pump,boost gauges.I can't find anyone online who finaces a supercharger, I've seen sts turbo ... Read more