Question About Supercharger For Sportster 883


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I’ve Decided To Buy A 883 Sportster Custom. The Guy Wants….

$3800 for a 1993 with 26k mileage on it. The bike has almost everything including hypercharger, chome Trans covers both sides, sawblade rims(polished), chrome batt. cover, sproket cover, handle bars, controls, grips, shifter, pegs, uniquie back light with purple center. The bike is orange with factory ... Read more

Where To Finance A Supercharger

I want to buy a supercharger but the prices are so expensive,the only way I can afford it is through financing.But when I finance it I need the complete package:ecm computer chip,fuel pump,boost gauges.I can't find anyone online who finaces a supercharger, I've seen sts turbo ... Read more


Now seen in adds and of course.. EBAY. the electric supercharger which does NOT run on a belt.. its called a supercharger but its electric.. anyways.. it is said that the average engine can withstand atleast 4-5 psi .. and the electric supercharger gives about ... Read more

2003 Harley Davidson Sportster Headlight Upgrade

I have a HD 2003 1200 sportster custom and work nights a lot and half my ride is in the country on back roads with curves and the shoulder consists of trees and ditches. I've had some close calls with deer and I'd like to ... Read more

I Have A 2006 Charger R/t And I Want A To Add A Supercharger

As the title above says, I need to add some performance to my car. I just bought it, and the only thing added was flowmaster exhaust. Which kind of supercharger should I get? I've been getting mixed reviews from several options. ... Read more

I Have A 2010 Camaro 2SS, The Best One Off The Lot, Supercharger Or Turbo Or Both Or Multiple Turbos

Its getting nitro, forced air induction, a chip, and other upgrades. yes i do have this car.. and i do know a lot about cars.. you can have all three.. and you can have a turbo and a supercharger. ... Read more

Is A Electric Supercharger Goodm Planning To Install On My 100cc7.1bhp Bike.would It Improve Performance

D electric supercharger claims to give 250cfm 0.3bar boost using 12volts 2.2amps.... will my battery be able to take it?? ... Read more