Question About So Cold My Key Wont Turn In The Ignition


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2006 Honda Civic Wont Turn On

I have a 2006 civic LX with 30K on it. Everything is and has been fine with it no issues. Last night i parked outside my friends house as he ran in for a little while, so i shut the car off. Once i went to ... Read more

My Car Won’t Start When It’s Cold Out

Every time my car sits out in the cold (less than 15 degrees F) for more than a couple of hours, it takes me near to a half an hour to start my car. I turn the key, and it makes a sound for about 3/4 ... Read more

1995 Ford Mustang Wont Shut Off

I just recently bought a 1995 Ford Mustang V6 convertible with a 5-speed manual trans. They ignition cylinder was always a little bit touchy, but just today it started up fine, but wouldn't turn off. I can start it up, but I have to stall the ... Read more

Car Problem, Car Wont Turn Over Replace Every Ignition Part And Diagnosed Car Need Help NOW

Changed: starter, ignition, ignition coil, ignition switch, computer, bad power lines. any ideas will be helpfull. not taking to shop all shops around me suck. ... Read more

Car Wont Start Do You Know Why

I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima SE 6-speed Manual with 82k miles on it. Nissan put a new clutch in it, change the oil and brake pads 1 month ago. They said it need a tune-up but I wasn't trying to give them another $500-$700 dollars ... Read more

Car Stereo Wont Turn On

I just bought a need sony xplod it had 4 speakers and cd/fm receiver it worked then i wanted to see how loud it would go and still have a clean sound then it just shut off and it wont turn back on i respliced all ... Read more

My 02 Explorer Wont Start.

I turned the key it cranked 3x and then stopped cold. Now nothing. No click, etc. I tried jumping it and it didnt work. I changed 2 fuses and 2 relays (the only other relay I did not have a spare of ... Read more