Question About So Cold My Key Wont Turn In The Ignition


Ford Focus PATS System

Asked on Jan 9, 2011 How can i tell if my 00 focus zx3 has a PATS encrypted key? It looks like a regular key. I have been having ignition problems and jamming. It would turn over after tapping on it. Now the key turns and the lights come on but ... Read more

My 97 Audi A4 Is Having Ignition Problems. Can Anyone Help

Asked on Jan 1, 2011 First off, the key is a bit rough getting it into the ignition. I start the car and my headlights, turn signals and wipers do not work. Engines running, car drives. I have to turn the key back very slightly, while the car is running, to ... Read more

My 02 Explorer Wont Start.

Asked on Aug 9, 2010 I turned the key it cranked 3x and then stopped cold. Now nothing. No click, etc. I tried jumping it and it didnt work. I changed 2 fuses and 2 relays (the only other relay I did not have a spare of ... Read more

My Car Won’t Start When It’s Cold Out

Asked on Aug 12, 2010 Every time my car sits out in the cold (less than 15 degrees F) for more than a couple of hours, it takes me near to a half an hour to start my car. I turn the key, and it makes a sound for about 3/4 ... Read more

Problem With My Key Ignition

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Why Can’t I Remove The Key From My Ignition On My 1994 Chrysler When It Is Cold

Asked on Aug 6, 2010 I have to make sure the car is completely warmed up or the ignition key will not come out, the engine will shut off but the key will not come out when the outside temperature gets to about the freezing point or below. I have had ... Read more

The Key Of My Car Ignition Won’t Turn

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