Question About Signs Your Thermostat May Be Going Out On Your Car


Where Exactly Is The Thermostat Located On A 97 Dodge Dakota And When Do You Know Its Gone Bad

Asked on Apr 13, 2010 What kind of signs would I be getting if It had gone bad? I have water leaking from a mysterious location I believe to be around the Thermostat. I can send a picture of what Im seeing to anyone who thinks they would be of any ... Read more

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What Happens If I Run My 2001 Malibu Without A Thermostat

Asked on May 30, 2010 I recently had someone look at my car because it was overheating and throwing out all the coolant they figured it could have been a problem with the waterpump or thermostat, so they removed the thermostat from my car and said that I could run my ... Read more

Car Overheating. New Thermostat. New Coolant. New Water Pump.

Asked on Nov 15, 2011 A few months ago I replaced the water pump because it started leaking. It continue to heat up 3/4 of the way at random times then went back down. I replaced the thermostat recently with an OEM one. I had replaced it before with an aftermarket. ... Read more

How Do You Know Your Thermostat And Water Pump Are Going Out In Your Car

Asked on Apr 8, 2010 What are the warning signs that they are going out? My temperature is spiking and then going down and not regulating the temperature. The coolant in my reservoir was low so I added more. I checked it when I got home (about 15 ... Read more

Can Installing The Wrong Thermostat Cause A Car To Suddenly Run Rough

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