Question About Signs Of Bad Oxygen Sensor Jeep Cherokee


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Oxygen Sensor Error Codes/replacement ’95 Grand Cherokee Laredo

After reading the check engine light on my jeep, i got a code of 21. It means either the downstream or upstream oxygen sensor is malfunctioning. How do i determine which it is? How difficult are they to replace? ... Read more

Is There Any Way To Decipher If I Have A Bad Cat Or A Oxygen Sensor Problem

I have a 1996 Toyota Tercel and still get great gas mileage but my check engine light is reading PO420 and it can be an oxygen sensor or the cat.Is there anyway I can tell for sure which it would be by the signs and symptoms ... Read more

How Difficult To Replace A Oxygen Sensor

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, with V-8 engine (California emissions). I believe the O2 sensor is on the exhaust manifold. Can I change this out without having to lift the car off the ground? How difficult is this job? Thank you ... Read more

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Camshaft Position Sensor. Where Is It Located

I just had the codes checked on my jeep grand and it pulled up the code for a CAMSHAFT position sensor. code P0340 it says it is defective they gave me a paper for a 96 model and it was located on the actual distributor but ... Read more

1995 Grand Cherokee Oxygen Sensor Location

I want to know 1995 grand cherokee oxygen sensor location. I need to change it but, I don't know where it is. I want to know if it's complicated or not. Please answer. Thank you. ... Read more

How Long An Oxygen Sensor Can Last

And how many oxygen sensors are there on a regular car? I just read an article about oxygen sensor, it says oxygen sensor can only last 100000 miles (heated sensor). I already have 120000 miles on my 95 geo metro, how do I know whether the oxygen ... Read more

Is A Universal Oxygen Sensor As Good As The One Made For The Car

There is a big difference in the price and I cannot afford the one made for the car right now so will I be okay buying the universal? My car is a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. ... Read more