Question About Should Car Battery Bubble When Charging


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Is It Normal For A Car Battery To Make A Sizzle Type Noise While Charging And After Charging

I have my deep cycle car battery charging on a 8amp charger not connected to my car. It's up to 4amps on the charger power meter, and i just noticed it's sizzling? I unplugged it, but its still sizzling, any clue? The charger ... Read more

Charging Car Battery With A Vector Battery Charger

Red clamp on the charger to postive post on the car's battery. black clamp on the charger to engine block, or to negative post on the car's battery? For some reason when I had it hooked to the engine block the charger would shut off after 10 seconds ... Read more

Charging Battery In A Tent Trailer

I recently bought a used tent trailer and have just finished adding an electrical connector to my truck; there are electrical terminals that are for trailer lighting, electric brakes, backup lights, house battery charging,etc. The terminal for charging the house battery is constantly energized whether ... Read more

Can Car Battery Corrosion Prevent My Alternator From Charging The Battery

So, my car battery went dead the other day, and jumping it did not seem to do anything. I called AAA, and on the first two tries, the AAA guy could not seem to charge my car battery with his battery charger either. He finally managed ... Read more

Charging Car Batteries Vs. The Jump Start

I know when you're jump starting, you really should connect the negative to another ground position besides the battery. Should you do the same when simply charging a passanger car or a small boat battery with a battery charger? Or is it not as important. (personal ... Read more

Charging A Car/truck Battery Can I Start The Engine While It’s Charging

I have a used '98 Ford Ranger pick-up and the receipt of the application and acquired all the tags straight, I'm going to go and the engine will not start! Haha. . . So I borrowed a battery charger, put it in gas-B / C I ... Read more

How Do I Use This Basic Battery Charger To Charge My Car Battery

I lost the manual. It is a "6/2amp Solid State Battery Charger." It has a switch to change from 2 amp to 6 amp. The meter reads from 0 to 8 D.C. amperes. I'm charging the battery in my old Crown Vic, so ... Read more