Question About Saturn 5 Speed Manual Transaxle Shift Cable Removal Stuck In Gear


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Saturn Manual Gear Shift Linkage Question.

I have a 91 Saturn SL With a 5 speed manual transmission. I could not get it into gear the other day. I took off the housing around the gear shifter ( In the cab ) And noticed that the lil rubber snubber thing that connects ... Read more

Manual 1997 Saturn Shifter Cable Question

I recently took my 1997 SL1 Saturn in to get a oil change, While they were moving the car out of the garage the shifter cable broke. My car is stuck at the repair shop now, and will not move out of reverse. How much generally ... Read more

98 Dodge Neon Transmission

I own a 98 neon with the Dual overhead cam engine and a 5 speed manual transmission and it has hardend motor mounts, a flowmaster exhast, and a hurst short shifter with the original shift knob (all installed by the previous owner) the problem is that ... Read more

Can Someone Tell Me This Car Part Is Called

The very small plastic piece that is the cable to the shift lever in a manual 2007 Saturn Vue. It is broken, the gear loose and is only now just go up and down. What is this song called and can we buy it or we ... Read more

Saturn Transmission Problems

I have a '95 Saturn SL2 DOHC w/ an automatic transmission. It used to slam 3rd, and have no fourth. Transmission fluid / filter change, battery changed yesterday and car shifted smoothly through all 4 gears. Today, car shifts smoothly through 1,2,3, no fourth after an ... Read more

How Do You Remove A Shift Knob On A 04 Saturn Ion Coupe

I'm trying to change the shift knob on my 2004 Saturn Ion Sport Coupe. It's a 5 speed manual. I've tried twisting it, pulling it, kicking it (lol), but no luck. I've looked on the back side of it and there doesn't seem ... Read more

Jeep Cherokee Gear Shift Knob Removal

Does anyone know how to take the gear shift knob off of a '98 Jeep Cherokee (manual transmission). The shop manual says to just pull it off. Others say to twist it off. I've tried pulling off, nothing seems to work. I bought it used and ... Read more