Question About Replaced Thermostat Still Overheating


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After I Replaced My Car’s Thermostat The Engine Started Overheating

It was operating at upper normal temp before it was changed, but the car had high mileage and the old thermostat was worn with disintegrating seals. Checked fan, works; checked coolant, full (recently flushed, no sludge); fresh oil change. Let me remind you that the temp ... Read more

Is It Ok To Install A New Thermostat On A 99 Dodge Interpid By Using Sealant

My car keeps over heating and the mechanic intalled a new thermostat, but he attached it with sealant. Now my car is still over heating. I originally ONLY wanted freeon, but mechanic said I needed a new thermostat, fan, coolant. Never had a problem with overheating til ... Read more

’98 Honda Civic That’s Overheating…

It started overheating the other night. So far, my husband has replaced the thermostat, put in new antifreeze/water, and replaced the two coolant temperature sensors, yet it's still overheating. Does anyone know what could cause it? The car is 10 years old and ... Read more

1992 Honda Civic Overheating & Losing Coolant

Hi, Last year, this car overheated constantly. Opening the heat vents would result in the temp. guage falling from the red zone. Finally, it overheated most of a trip to Chicago. Took it to Honda, they said thermostat and radiator. I had Honda ... Read more

94 Honda Civic Overheating Symptoms

My car is overheating- no hot air blowing- the lower hose gets hot only when the tem gage goes over the middle close to red and this is when the fan kick in but only for short period of time...when I open the radiator cap the ... Read more

Bad Water Pump Or Blown Head Gasket

My 93 honda civic has been overheating when i drive on the highway for more then 15 minutes. this happened after i replaced the car with a rebuilt engine. I thought it was the thermostat and replaced it with a new one but i can drive ... Read more

What Happens If I Run My 2001 Malibu Without A Thermostat

I recently had someone look at my car because it was overheating and throwing out all the coolant they figured it could have been a problem with the waterpump or thermostat, so they removed the thermostat from my car and said that I could run my ... Read more