Question About Replace Thermostat 99 Mercury Mystique


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Where Do I Find The Horn At On A 98 Mercury Mystique.

The horn is shot on my car, a 1998 Mercury Mystique. All relays and fuses are working. Yet I can't find the horn on the engine block. I have searched yahoo, google, and ask just to find a simple illustration or manual of ... Read more

How Do I Replace The Thermostat In A 1991 Mercury Topaz

The car is running hot, and everyone says to replace that first, and that it is easy, but I don't know how to do it, or where it is located or what it looks like or anything. Also, I live in Canada, and I would need ... Read more

99 Mercury Mystique AC Stopped Working All Together Compressor, Fan, Heater, Everything Help.

I used it last time for about 30 min. then stopped for about 1 hr. when I started the car again, I then turned the AC knob to Max, but all I heard was a "pssss" as a residue when you turn off the AC, it ... Read more

Where Are The Spark Plugs Located On A Mercury Mystique 1995

I am trying to change my own spark plugs, but I don't know where it is. This could be the difference between spending $250 and $20. Even for a V6? ... Read more

Why Is Oil Leaking Into Spark Plugs Of ’96 Mercury Mystique V6

I'm having difficulty with oil getting onto my spark plugs. The mechanic already changed the head gasket (maybe even twice), but it's still showing up. Now the car is "missing" as I accelerate. Vehicle has almost 172,000 miles. Anyone have any thoughts of what else to ... Read more

Where Are The Spark Plugs In 1999 Mercury Mystique Located

I know that under a cover, but I need to pressure a little until I get the cover on the top of the engine to the spark plugs? ... Read more

I Just Replaced The Thermostat In My 99 Mercury Pillager And It Will Not Put Out Heat While Idling

As long as I"m going 35 or faster the heat will blow hot and when I slow down it blows cold. I put the thermostat in just the way the diagram showed(coil spring in the thermostat housing) and wow it"s not leaking either. I would greatly ... Read more