Question About Replace Axle Vw Jetta Mk3


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Is It Ok To Reuse An Axle Nut

I am pulling the transmission out of a 96 jetta. I had to pull the axle nut to disengage the CV joints. I noticed my book (haynes) says to get a new one. I had to use a 30mm socket, 2' breaker bar, AND a 4 foot cheater bar to get the ... Read more

What Does A Axle Nut Do

I have a 2002 yamaha raptor 660 and it has a durablue axle the axle nut is gone what does a axle nut really do im going to replace it im just wondering what they do ... Read more

Rotary Engine In A MK3 Jetta.

So.. I have a guy that specializes in rotary engines and has like 3 spare 1.2l Engines laying around his yard, with 4 spare turbos and 3 spare intercoolers. I was joking around with him and told him we should drop one of those engines into ... Read more

How To Replace Axle Shaft In 98 Firebird

I have a bent axle in my car and need to replace the axle on the driver side. just looking for tips and how to. i have basic knowledge and just want to know more... it has no traction control and it is a 6 cyl is there ... Read more

Need To Replace CV Axle / Axle Shaft / CV Boot On ’01 Nissan Altima, How Much

I have a 2001 Nissan Altima, Manual Transmissiaon, 2.4 Liter engine, I went to a mechanic to have my oil changed, he said that I'm also going to need to replace my left front CV Axle or Axle shaft. He said that grease is leaking from ... Read more

How Much Would It Cost To Get My Brakes Repaired

I have a 1991 acura integra i need to replace the front passenger side brakes and possible rotor mayby resurface will work also the axle has a leak, i took it to les shwab to get it checked out where i live they want to replace ... Read more

Will A Used Axle Shaft Be Ok To Use Do I Need To Replace Axle Bearing On Used Axle

1973 buick centurion. cant find new axle shaft locally. tieing up mechanics lift trying to locate one. ... Read more