Question About Replace 1999 Bmw 323i Thermostat


2000 323i BMW Certification Inspection Turns Out Badreplace Of Coil Springs..ect Shoild I Consider Buying It

Asked on Jul 30, 2010 Replace of rear coil springs, F/R brake pads & rotors, flex disc with output shaft,thermostat &gasket, ribbed V-belt. the inspection says those stuff needs to be replaced. should i rely on the dealers inspection or that they are trying to rip me? cus the car is ... Read more

How Do I Replace The Thermostat. On A 1999 Mazda Protege

Asked on Jun 26, 2010 It keeps overheating after putting antifreeze in it, and having all the fluids checked and changed. How do I know where the thermostat is? How do I know the thermostat is the problem for sure? Any tips on replacing it would be greatly ... Read more

How To Open The Hood Of 2000 BMW 323i Sedan Manually

Asked on Aug 16, 2009 My Kid Left The Key On The Engine And I Shut It. Any way I can do this without harming the car itself? I can see what looks to be the hook release inside, but I am not sure if that is the right way. ... Read more

Where Is The Thermostat Located On A 1995 BMW 318i

Asked on Jun 4, 2010 I usually work on American cars, but my GF has a BMW. And it seems there are two radiator hoses going to the engine. Is the thermostat in the housing? Any help would be great. Dank.Ich think I have to mention that both tubes are in ... Read more

How Easy Is It To Change A BMW 316i 1999 Thermostat

Asked on May 31, 2010 I know some are hard to fine, but the one on my car is very simple and accessible, so is it just a matter of taking off the old one and putting on the new one. ... Read more

How Do You Change The Thermostat On A 98 BMW 323is

Asked on Apr 15, 2010 My car continues to overheat and my husband has replaced the radiator, the hoses and the coolant resevoir. So we think it must be the thermostat. Is it fairly easy to replace for someone who replaced the radiator himself? ... Read more

Where Is The Thermostat Located On A 1999 Chevy Venture

Asked on Jun 5, 2010 I need to replace it, and I have no idea where it is. ... Read more