Question About Replace 1999 Blazer Oil Pressure Switch


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Asked on May 13, 2010 My 1999 Golf has a 2.0L motor, I just got the car and was told that the leak was from the oil pressure switch. I changed the switch, but i still have a leak? it is no longer coming from the switch that area is dry/free ... Read more

Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch Located On A 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Asked on May 9, 2010 The oil pressure guage sticks until it warms up on cold days, it's not an oil pressure problem, I'm possitive its the switch and need to know where it is located so I can replace it. ... Read more

1994 Lincon Continental V6 OIL PRESSURE SWITCH

Asked on May 12, 2010 Oil pressure is displayed with LCD bar graph. Pressure is very erratic. New switch was prescribed and purchased. To replace it I need to locate it first. Can you offer a clue? (did you notice, this time I included the model ) ... Read more

There Is Oil Leaking From The Oil Pressure Switch

Asked on May 9, 2010 1990 camaro rs v8. i have an oil pressure switch on the side of my engine and the wire that plugs into it kept falling out when ever i drove somewhere, upon further inspection i noticed that when the car is on oil will steadily drip ... Read more

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Oil Pressure Switch On A 2003 Buick Century

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