Question About Removing Axle 1997 Ford Aspire


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Where Can I Find A 21 Mm Left Hand Thread Nut For The Passengers Side Rear Axle Of My 1994 Ford Aspire.

The nut on the passenger's side rear axle of my 1994 Ford Aspire is stripped. It's a left hand thread, and I'm having a bit of difficulty finding one to replace it. Are there any other model of car that uses the same size/thread ... Read more

Will A Ford Ranger Axle Shaft Fit My Ford Mustang Axe Shaft 7.5 1997

Will a Ford Ranger 1990-1995 axle shaft fit in my Ford Mustang (7.5 axle shaft 1997) . If not are there any other cars or trucks i can take one out of? Thanks a Million Daniel ... Read more

Ford Aspire Distributor Cap

My ford aspire is running hard . I replaced the spark plugs and wires , but still ran hard . When i looked under the hood while it was running , i could see it sparking on the outside of the distributor cap . When it ... Read more

I Have A 1997 Ford Aspire And My Speedometer Quit On Me How Much Does It Cost To Replace It

I must also add that my check engine light came on right after the speedometer died while driving. ... Read more

How Do You Adjust The Lenght After Removing The Nut From The Front Driveshaft

I have a 1997 Cherokee and i'm having trouble adjusting the length on the front drive shaft. I have it bolted on the front drive axle, and now i need to adjust the length so i can connected to the out put of the transfer case. I ... Read more

Removing Axles From A Transaxle W/o Removing The Axle Nut

So basically the question is strait to the point but there is a car i want the motor out of in a junk yard and i do not have a socket big enough to remove the axle nut. And even if i did they don't allow ... Read more

Changing The Thermostat In A Ford Aspire

I need to change to the thermostat in a 1994 Ford Aspire. The bottom bolt holding the thermostat cover is impossible to reach with a socket or wrench. There is a metal coolant tube that is in front of the bottom bolt. I can't come from ... Read more