Question About Remove Sun Visor 95 Mustang Convertible


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I Recently Purchased A New Car And Was Trying To Remove A Sticker Off The Feltlike Sun Visor.

The sticker came off but without the sticky residue on the back of the sticker.. Anyone know how to remove it without staining or wrecking the visor? ... Read more

How Do I Fix A Sun Visor On A Toyota Forerunner

Is there an adjustment screw under the vanity mirror in the sun visor that would stop the visor from swinging down into my field of vision whenever i hit a bump? Even though the visor is clipped to the retaining clip it will not stay ... Read more

Cobra SVT Mustang Convertible Shift Knob Problem

I have a 2001 Cobra SVT convertible. It runs great but when i drive like 20 mins and engine gets hot its really hard to change the gears. What could be the problem ? ... Read more

Does Anyone Know What To Do To Fix A 2004 Nissan Sentra Sun Visor That Won’t Stay Up

As my wife was pulling down the passenger side sun visor, there was a soft snapping noise and since then the visor will not stay up. I removed the visor and tried replacing it, but that didn't fix it (that would have been great). I don't ... Read more

I Have A 2002 Envoy The Passenger Side Sun Visor Fell Off Need To Reinstall

There are no screws to this sun visor all plastic looks like all you do is pop it back in, have tried this but sun visor does not stay any help. ... Read more

Can You Replace The Flap On A Car Sun Visor

I have a 02 chevy blazer and the flap on my visor broke off so the lights are always on. Well I was planning on replacing the whole visor but they are way too expensive. So can i replace the flap or is there a way ... Read more

04 Convertible Red Mustang Keyless Entry

I just recently bought a used (but looks brand new) '04 Convertible Red Mustang. I bought it and got ONE key. I made a spare and gave it to my best friend. but I was planning on buying a remote control for the doors because Im ... Read more