Question About Rb26 Engine Mods


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What Mods Would Be Worth While On An R32

2004 r32 with exhaust, intake, and chip. what other mods would be worth getting? (minus suspension and brakes and looks, i already know about those things. so just engine mod ideas is what i need. thank you ... Read more

Can You Take A Loan Out For A Used Car And Use The Left Over Money For Mods

Say I want to buy a used car for 5k but want 5k to buy mods for it can I get a loan for 10k for that purpose? and what would the figures per month be for a 10k loan So then my second question is How ... Read more

Performance Mods On 2005 Legacy GT

SO. from what i understand, the Legacy's engine is the STi boxer engine with a WRX turbo, correct? therefore, could all other mods, not including Forced induction, compatible with the STi be put on the legacy gt? such as CAI's, Exhaust's, FMIC, intakes, etc. also how about ... Read more

What Are The Best Car Performance Parts To Put Into A Nissan 300zx 2+2

Smart answers only from people who know about this car and the optimal mods to put into it please...I want info on mods for the engine, exhaust, brakes, tires the whole nine yards please include all aftermarket parts or stock parts as well. i want to ... Read more

GTI VR6 MK4 Mods List Help Please

I am getting a gti vr6 this summer. 2002-2004 24v. I have a list of mods i want to do: intake exhaust catalatic converter headers chip underdrive pulley flywheel spark plugs I was wondering what a rough estimate of hp this would put me at? and if there are any other mods i could ... Read more

Is it true that the RB26DETT engine from the Skyline can give you an output of 1200hp without any major Mods

Stroy goes that the engineers had a miscalculation while designing the engine and therefore you can safely take the hp rating of your Skyline to 1200 hp with just OTC performance parts. You don't have to change the rods, pistons, gaskets, etc. You just change the ... Read more

How Much Power Would My Crown Vic Have If I Put The Following Mods On

JET PERFORMANCE PROGRAMMER-350 dollars cold air- about 250 dollars duel flow master exhaust- idk price yet bigger fuel injecters and i dont know how much bigger i should go- ?? dollars 3.50 or 4.10 gears better spark plugs and wires-300 dollars my engine is a stock crown vic 4.6 liter engine but ... Read more