Question About Razor Scooter Wont Charge E300


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Charging Time For A Car Battery

I have an electric scooter with a car battery running it. i charge the scooter with my 2/10 amp (selectable) car battery charger. if the battery is fully charged, is it bad to leave the charger going? say if i leave the house for a couple ... Read more

Why Does My Scooter Stall

I have a 2008 (chinese) gas scoooter which has less than 3000 miles. The thing starts up and runs fine, until recently I am coming home from work when my scooter stalled at a stop light and stopped running. Now it wont start unless I ... Read more

How Can I Remove A Dried Gasket On The Engine

I posted this yesterday but i followed advice on here and it still didint work I want to scrape the hardened gasket material off the top of the block. Its aluminum block. 00 crown victoria. I removed the intake manifold and need to get the hardedned gasket ... Read more

My Car Battery Wont Hold A Charge.

In my 1990 300zx my battery wont hold a charge. i have a brand new battery in it. (less than 1 month old).... i went out the other morning and it did not have enough charge to start my car. though my car jumped just ... Read more

Does Anybody Knows Where Can I Find Description Of Scooter Parts & Their Uses

I`m new to scooter so i want to learn bout it`s parts, llike the ignition coils, ignitor,choke,magneto,rectifier etc. thanks ... Read more

What Exactely The EPA Is Looking For From A Scooter To Be Imported

What does EPA want you to show if you wanna buy a scooter from Taiwan.What if you just buy an engine without the carburator and exhaust.Just plain motor,say a 279 cc in a crate? Engine block with head and piston,with the starter and fuel pump off ... Read more

Moped, Scooter Tuning

I've got a 2004 Yamaha Bw's 50.. Same as the 2004 Mbk Booster.. Its completely Stock, except for the Sports Exhaust I bought.. so since theres no restriction spacer in the exhaust, it does 55mph Flat.! Does anyone know of anything I should buy to have Excellent Acceleration ... Read more