Question About Razor Scooter Wont Charge E300


Charging Time For A Car Battery

Asked on Apr 17, 2010 I have an electric scooter with a car battery running it. i charge the scooter with my 2/10 amp (selectable) car battery charger. if the battery is fully charged, is it bad to leave the charger going? say if i leave the house for a couple ... Read more

Why Does My Scooter Stall

Asked on Aug 6, 2010 I have a 2008 (chinese) gas scoooter which has less than 3000 miles. The thing starts up and runs fine, until recently I am coming home from work when my scooter stalled at a stop light and stopped running. Now it wont start unless I ... Read more

How Can I Remove A Dried Gasket On The Engine

Asked on Jun 26, 2010 I posted this yesterday but i followed advice on here and it still didint work I want to scrape the hardened gasket material off the top of the block. Its aluminum block. 00 crown victoria. I removed the intake manifold and need to get the hardedned gasket ... Read more

Does Anybody Knows Where Can I Find Description Of Scooter Parts & Their Uses

Asked on May 10, 2010 I`m new to scooter so i want to learn bout it`s parts, llike the ignition coils, ignitor,choke,magneto,rectifier etc. thanks ... Read more

My Car Battery Wont Hold A Charge.

Asked on Apr 12, 2010 In my 1990 300zx my battery wont hold a charge. i have a brand new battery in it. (less than 1 month old).... i went out the other morning and it did not have enough charge to start my car. though my car jumped just ... Read more

Moped, Scooter Tuning

Asked on Jul 4, 2010 I've got a 2004 Yamaha Bw's 50.. Same as the 2004 Mbk Booster.. Its completely Stock, except for the Sports Exhaust I bought.. so since theres no restriction spacer in the exhaust, it does 55mph Flat.! Does anyone know of anything I should buy to have Excellent Acceleration ... Read more

What Exactely The EPA Is Looking For From A Scooter To Be Imported

Asked on Jun 22, 2010 What does EPA want you to show if you wanna buy a scooter from Taiwan.What if you just buy an engine without the carburator and exhaust.Just plain motor,say a 279 cc in a crate? Engine block with head and piston,with the starter and fuel pump off ... Read more