Question About Ranger Light Came On Exclamation Point


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Weird Vibration And Warning Light After Tire / Wheel Mod.

I currently drive a 2006 Rav4 4x4. I added 31" tires from my ford. I had to use ( size specific ) wheels spacers. At about 60-65mph the steering wheel shakes a bit. Also, there is a weird exclamation point hazard light that came on. Anyone know ... Read more

Error Light On 2001 Gr. Caravan What Does It Mean

A new error light has appeared in my instrument panel, never seen before. It is above my gas gauge on the very left side of the panel, looks a bit like an xmas decorating bulb/upside down light bulb with maybe an exclamation point (or line) ... Read more

Question About ’99 Mercury Cougar

If you are familiar with the car, then you would know that there is an overhead light bar containing these lights: a wrench(service needed), a red snowflake(freezing temp.), an orange snowflake(could be freezing), an encircled exclamation point(brake pad wear), washer fluid low, door ajar, and a ... Read more

What Am I Missing 1996 Ford Ranger Idle Issue.

I have a 96' Ford Ranger 2.3L. I was originally pulling codes involving EGR (insufficient flow) and Ignition system (ignition coil 1 & 2). I like to think I'm a decent mechanic but I'm about to pull my hair out with this. I replaced the EGR, ... Read more

Did I Just Get A Bad Apple Out Of The Mix Or What 2003 Ford Ranger Problematic

I own a 03 ford ranger my dad bought it for me as a Graduation gift. Ever since i was in my first accident which was not my fault it has given me so many problems. I have put around 7k into my ranger. Although must ... Read more

2007 Honda Crv Dashboard Warning Lights

Hi - Our Honda has 37,000 miles on it. Two days ago, we dropped it off at a mechanic shop (not the dealer) to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. During the inspection, they noticed (and we saw too) that the front tires needed ... Read more

What Is The Best Allaround Small Pickup

I'm looking for a reliable small pickup for light duty work. Will use mostly for a daily commute as well as work. Won't pull a trailer, though carry some materials, such as broken drywall from renovations, lumber, steel rebars, wood beams. 4 cylinder should be just fine. I can afford ... Read more