Question About Quick Fix To Engine Coolant Leak


How To Stop The Leak Coolant Hose On A 1980 Plymouth Volare

Asked on Sep 4, 2009 I have a few hoses, one in-particular that I cannot get to stop leaking coolant. I have even had the hose replaced in the shop but it still leaks. I couldnt do it myself because its only like 2 inches long between the engine ... Read more

Engine/cooling Question…

Asked on May 28, 2010 So..... Engine oil looks fine to me... However, The coolant either has bars leak or something or oil leaking into coolant. Is it possible for oil to leak into coolant but not coolant leak into the oil? so bad head gasket? ... Read more

How To Fix An Engine Coolant Leak

Asked on Aug 10, 2010 Today when i started my car after filling up (with gas), I noticed that my check engine light came on. I turned off the engine and re started the car and waited to see if it was just flashing like all the other instruments do when ... Read more

97 Saturn SL1 Has Oil In Coolant, But No Coolant In Oil.

Asked on Jul 9, 2010 At the last oil change, I found the oil level about 2 quarts low, and when I looked at the coolant reservoir it had overflowed with oily goo. I guess that the oil had leaked into the coolant, but there was no coolant in the ... Read more

How To Fix The Terrible Leak In A Coolant Hose

Asked on Aug 31, 2009 It is a size of a pinhole. It is spraying and I have a few spots underneath my car. I am keeping the antifreeze/coolant level. Should I be ok driving it until tomorrow night? The temp gauge is fine. ... Read more

2004 Vw Jetta 1.8t Coolant Leak

Asked on May 14, 2010 I first noticed the problem when i was sitting in traffic and i had my ac running and my car would start to overheat... id just temporarily fix it by shutting the ac off. a few days ago my temperature sensor came on as soon as ... Read more

What Is Causing The Leak In The Cooling System Of My 1999 Isuzu Amigo, Two Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl, Manual Trans

Asked on Jun 8, 2010 It runs only leaks while the engine. The coolant is from somewhere above the casing where the oil filter (leaky lower right front of the engine attaches next to the crank pulley). Because of the oil filter and the housing where it attaches, I can not ... Read more