Question About Problems A Dirty Oil Filter Will Cause


Why Was There No Oil In My Oil Filter When I Took It Off

Asked on Jun 16, 2010 While changing the oil in my 97 Corolla, no oil spilled out of the oil filter like it usually does, and it seemed very loose, I couldn't tell if the gasket was flush with the block or not. Also the oil is still somewhat dirty. I ... Read more

How to Figure That A Car Air Filter Is Dirty

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I Will Change The Oil Filter On A Boat Engine Volvo Penta. Which Brand Is The Best

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 Also, can car oil filters cause any problems? I have cross referenced a Sierra with Wix, K&N, and Purolator. Would those cause any problems or would you stick with a "Marine" oil filter. Thanks in advance. ... Read more

Is It Possible To Change The Oil On A Car And Not Change The Oil Filter

Asked on Jul 10, 2010 What are the potential problems that might happen if the oil filter wasn't changed but the oil was during an oil change? How many miles do you think is possible to put on a car that had its oil changed but not the oil filter without having ... Read more

Can My Dirty Air Filter Have Cause My Throttle Body To Get Dirty

Asked on Jul 11, 2010 My Jeep Wrangler kept stalling and would not accelerate properly so I took it to the shop. My air filter was filthy and they said it could very well be one of the first few put in of not the original (I have 38,000) ... Read more

How Necessary Is It To Change The Oil Filter Everytime You Change The Oil

Asked on May 31, 2010 I use semi-synthetic oil, which is good for about 10000 km (15000 miles?). But the last time, I told them not to change the oil filter. "There's no ned to change it verytime", I said. Now I'm worried about it. Can I have real problems because ... Read more

For A Motorcycle, Do I Have To Change The Oil Filter Everytime I Change The Oil

Asked on Jun 16, 2010 Im guessing I do because the oil filter will just dirty the new oil, but im not sure. ... Read more