Question About Picture Of Open Thermostat


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Where Is The Thermostat Located In A 2000 Ford Crown Victoria

I've purchased the thermostat, but I don't know where it goes. Can someone provide a link to a schematic or picture? ... Read more

Where Exactly Is The Thermostat Located On A 97 Dodge Dakota And When Do You Know Its Gone Bad

What kind of signs would I be getting if It had gone bad? I have water leaking from a mysterious location I believe to be around the Thermostat. I can send a picture of what Im seeing to anyone who thinks they would be of any ... Read more

Can Installing The Wrong Thermostat Cause A Car To Suddenly Run Rough

I have a 1986 Chrysler LeBaron and it normally runs just great, but today I installed a 180 degree thermostat in it, as the old thermostat stopped working and the car was running too hot. However, when I removed the old thermostat, I noted that ... Read more

What Would A Vehicle Temperature Gauge Read If The Thermostat Failed To Open If The Thermostat Failed To

What would a vehicle temperature gauge read if the thermostat failed to open if the thermostat failed to close and how was the water pump driven on this engine? thanks ... Read more

What Does An OPEN Automobile Thermostat Look Like

I put one in a pot of boiling water as a test to see if it opens. But what does one LOOK LIKE when it is open? ... Read more

How Do I Check A Car Thermostat With Boiling Water

My car is overheating. I put in a new thermostat, test drove it - it overheated and the coolant backed up big time into the overflow tank. A guy said to pull the new thermostat, drop it in a pot of boiling water and ... Read more

Where Can I Find/buy A Custom Shift Knob With My Own Picture

I want to create/customize my own stickshift knob with a picture or design in it, basically like a print. I want it to be a picture or design that i come up with or maybe if they have it. Does anyone know who can do that? ... Read more